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Other Services


While we may specialize in asphalt and concrete products and services, that’s not the only aspect of our business. We also specialize in Small Site Grading, Soil Stabilization, and Full Depth Reclamation. Below, you’ll find more details on our other services.


Small Site Grading

Every site requires preparation before construction can begin; land leveling and grading are some processes that are needed to have an area prepped and ready for building to start. 

Site grading is the adjustment of slopes and elevation of soil for specific projects. Site grading is usually performed before the construction of a building; soil compaction and leveling help improve the building’s foundations. Along with improving a building’s foundation, PRI of East TN can use site grading to manipulate the natural environment so that water flows away from the area, thus protecting your investment. 

Successful site grading will provide:

  • Working drainage 
  • Beautiful aesthetics for the property
  • Environmental protection from stormwater runoff and erosion
  • Compliance with local zoning requirements

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is when the chemical properties in the soil are treated and altered to improve its suitability for construction. Properties such as compressibility, mechanical strength, and durability are all improved when the soil stabilization process is undertaken. Soil stabilization is used to develop parking areas, roadways, construction site projects, airports, and many more areas that are not ready for construction from the word go. 

Benefits of soil stabilization:

  • Prevents erosion from stormwater runoff 
  • High resistance values 
  • Thinner pavements 
  • Weatherproof 
  • Assists in compaction